Something Different: Guided Meditation VR

Meditation is already part of my life, I practice regularly and have done for a number of years.


I was therefore curious as to what Cubicle Ninja’s ‘Guided Meditation VR’ could offer me.


You are first met with a relaxing loading screen where you are floating above the clouds with some very calming music playing in the background and the option to select where you would like to Meditate. Unlike standard Meditation where you are stuck in a room, VR gives you the ability to choose a location that you feel suits your mood. Options include Forest locations, moonlit caves and mountain streams.




stunning locations.


You can customize the experience by switching off the music, turning up background sounds such as running river water and adjusting the voice volume of the recorded Meditation script. I found it essential to turn off the music but that is my own taste as I find music too distracting when trying to focus.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that I took to the recordings and the tone of the voices very quickly and found it to be instantly relaxing.


I sat on my meditation mat with the VR headset on which in itself was strange as it adds a weight to your head that you would not normally have when trying to relax. It only took a couple of 10 minute meditations, however, before I became accustomed and no longer noticed I was wearing it.


Cubicle Ninja, have done a great job in selecting Meditation scripts for you to choose, covering a myriad of potential mind sets including, calm, anxiety or even a series of Zen meditations for those that want to travel a bit deeper.


Overall I came out of my first VR Meditation experience impressed and I will definitely be making a regular trip back, although it won’t be replacing my current Meditation practice just yet.


Experience: VR Guided Meditation
Developer: Cubile Ninjas
Platform: Vive [Tested], Oculus, Gear VR (reviewed on Vive)
Price: £7.25 (Steam discount at time of purchase)
VGD Rating: 7/10



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