Playstation VR Launch Titles: Our Top 5.

Now that you have your shiny new VR helmet, what are you going to load up first?

We have a few recommendations for you.


Batman Arkham VR

Ever wanted to be the Batman? now is your chance. Seriously it really does feel like that, the moment you put on the Bat Suit and look in a mirror you can’t help but smile. It’s more of an experience than a game but what an experience. You get to use all the gadgets, see the bat cave and solve the mystery of Robin’s disappearance. It’s short but very sweet ,  with the main highlight for me being able to reverse time and slow it down whilst investigating Batwing’s murder as a silent by stander. It’s a good showcase for perhaps what a telltale story will feel like in VR.


Eve Valkerie

First of 2 games that gave me motion sickness. I had already racked up hours in VR using the Vive and had yet to feel any sort of sickness, so it was a surprise that I could only last in the Eve universe for about an hour before I had to power it off. That being said, Eve’s graphics were top notch and the detail that has gone into the ships, characters and universe in general really did make this feel the definitive Space experience to add to your VR collection. Space combat isn’t for everyone though but locking on with homing missiles and blasting enemies to small pieces of space dust really did not get old. If I didn’t have the motion sickness this would have chewed up hours for me, the responsive controls of the space craft were intense and blasting off from the mother ship, I could have had on repeat for days.


Driveclub VR

A lot of people have said that the low resolution of this on the standard PS4 (not the pro) ruins the game but i’m inclined to disagree. I thought it still looked polished and worthy of the more expensive price tag. It’s full of content, a myriad of cars to choose from and some pretty tasty tracks to challenge your skills behind the wheel. Having the ability to calibrate your height and view in the car before each race meant that every new vehicle felt fresh and comfortable. You will need to hunt out those racing lines, there is no forgiveness here and practice and persistence is key to making progress and winning those trophies. VR does add to this Drive club experience and seeing challengers in your mirrors covered in wheel dust is very satisfying.


Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

I jumped, dropped the controllers and I admit, screamed a few times. This is literally an ‘on rails’ First Person Shooter where you ride a rickety wooden roller coaster through a Stephen King Pennywise,  Ghost infested, gore and bloody nightmare of hellish proportions. It is not for the faint hearted. Trying to reload in time to fend off another barrage of on-coming zombie freaks got the adrenalin pumping as did the very real feeling roller coaster scenes in between. It’s a crazy game for crazy people. You might just be the type to enjoy it.


Battlezone VR

Second experience that gave me motion sickness. I loved this game, everything about it is slick, fun and completely addictive. I only played the single campaign but I can imagine the multiplayer adding even more value. You command a futuristic (and totally awesome) battle tank through a number of battle zones to reach an enemy AI Core. You blast at drones, other tanks and enemy bases whilst just thoroughly enjoying the ride. Again, if it wasn’t for the motion sickness this would have been the time sinker for me and I was gutted that I felt too ill to carry on.

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