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PC v Console Virtual Reality Gaming

2016 is turning out to be an interesting year for gaming hardware and gaming in general with the forthcoming Virtual Reality Gaming scene.

We have the battle of PC v Console heating up again.

Playstation Neo has been announced providing at least twice the power of the PS4 and it is able to render 4k, this was designed purely to be timed with the PSVR release giving console owners the gateway to VR.

XBone rumours concerning an official VR headset releasing next year have been growing since E3 but as yet nothing has been officially confirmed. They are releasing XBone Scorpio next Summer which will be powerful enough for 4K VR experiences, so stands to reason that a headset will be launched along side this.

PC owners with cash in their pockets have been able to access VR experiences via Steam since April using either HTC’s Vive or the Oculus Rift. Console owners have been watching with envy knowing that they might never experience VR on their current systems, well, that was until Playstation came to the rescue with PSVR. This is still not available until October and as we know console owners will still have a watered down experience compared to the ultra high graphical capabilities of a decent rig.

As 4K gains traction in peoples living room TV’s and entertainments systems, its hard to ignore the fact that console owners will need to buy a completely new console to play the latest VR titles, as they grow in graphical complexity and content size, resources on current gen will just not be able to handle it.

PS4 has been with us for 3 years which is not a long time in a consoles lifecycle and some people will still be feeling the sting of parting with their cash for the base system, extra controllers, camera and games that are close to £50 a pop now. Asking them to upgrade already will not necessarily be met by a positive response. PC Gamers know that they just need to upgrade their Graphics card once every 4-5 years to keep up with the trends and this is a more cost effective model for staying in the game.

I have always been a console gamer and never really owned a high end PC until now. VR has made me realise that companies such as Sony & Microsoft forcing 3 year new console cycles on us is not sustainable, in the long run its cheaper to invest in a decent rig now, take the expense hit and just upgrade your CPU/GPU as and when really needed.

That is the decision I have made and I suspect there are a number of players out there that feel the same, could this be the end of the console generation because it sure feels like it.

[VGD will be covering the VR gaming scene – Pages are under construction]

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