ori and the blind forest

Live Gameplay: Ori and The Blind Forest

Moon Studio’s critically acclaimed platformer, ‘Ori and The Blind Forest‘ is breath taking.

Stunning artwork, a beautiful soundtrack and responsive game play that once you pick up and play you will not want to stop.

That’s great and everything but I have one specific issue to raise….

It’s a sad story, I mean, really sad…. to the point that if you watch the opening cut scene you may be so depressed that you won’t want to play the game.

Don’t believe me?

Here is the snippet from our Live Stream, I dare you not to feel at least a little tug on the heart strings.

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Game: Ori And The Blind Forest
Developer: Moon Studios
URL: http://www.oriblindforest.com/
Platform: PC, XBone
Type: Metroidvania/Platformer
Price: £19.99

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