Obligatory PokémonGo Article

Browsing the net, the number of News Articles on PokémonGo at the moment is crazy. If someone sneezes whilst playing the game, it seems to be newsworthy. Why is it then, that the world has fallen for this Augmented Reality App and people are consuming any media vaguely related to it?

[ It’s Pokémon. ]

Pokémon has been around since 1996, that’s 20 years which is good going for any Video Game franchise. Its appeal is the collectability of the Pokémon fictitious creatures. Current count including the new upcoming series is around 722! That is a lot of ‘catch ’em all’. People seem obsessed with hunting down and adding new Pokémon to their collections. Levelling up and battling becomes strategic and addictive in its own right.


[ It’s using old technology but it’s one of the first mass market AR games. ]

Most of us use Google Maps, maybe to navigate in the car or on foot around town. PokémonGo is like using Google Maps but with a new layer of enjoyment embedded on top.  As you navigate around the map and are alerted to a nearby Pokémon the view changes to Augmented Reality (AR). For those not in the know, AR’s Definition is, 

“A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.”.  

You see both the real world and the virtual (Gaming/Pokémon world) at the same time.  AR has been around for quite a while and it really is an old technology but this is the first real AR Game that has appealed to the Mass Market.  Nintendo is a household name thanks to the epic rise of the Wii in 2006 but has dropped off the radar recently until now. People are reminded of the unique experiences that Nintendo strive to offer and are willing to give PokémonGo a try, as with the Wii people know that Nintendo offer experiences that appeal to all age groups, young and old.


[ People are bored of average Mobile Games and crave a different experience ]

It’s official, the game responsible for many commuters missing their trains or not looking where they are going……..’Candy Crush’, has been toppled off the top spot by PokémonGo. People have snapped up this game even in the UK where it has not officially been rolled out. (correction: Just released on IOS & Android) .  Pokémon Go seems to offer a refreshing experience compared to these types of Mobile Games. Crushing Candy is no longer in Vogue and lets face it after so many new additional levels and versions they are running out of ideas.
Nintendo have gone back to the drawing board with PokémonGo and have researched the question, “What do Mobile Gamers actually want from an app now?” not 5 years ago, now.  This approach has obviously hit a sweet spot and they are reaping the benefits even if their servers were not prepared for the influx of players.

[ A secret hidden world ]

When we were kids our imaginations were limitless, the world was new, fresh and exciting to explore. PokémonGo takes us back to that time where anything is possible. It grants us access to a hidden realm that exists within our world, where we can make new discoveries and meet like minded people that just want to have a bit of fun. Forget that spreadsheet you are staring at…a Squirtle Pokémon has just appeared next to your desk, its time to get your Poké Ball on!



  • Dan says:

    They seem to be slowly tweaking out the fun 🙂
    Pokemon Go = Nostalgia on steroids. Add Battling and Trading before the hype dies out and they may be on to a winner

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