Halflife on the HTC Vive VR Headset – That’s right, HALFLIFE!

When people think about Virtual Reality gaming, most will imagine room scale VR with games specifically tailored for the VR Headset experience. This however is only a small part of what VR has to offer, with hacking and some bespoke software people are finding ways to play old 3D Retro games using the latest tech.


Dolphin VR is one type of software that supports Nintendo games with some impressive results. ‘Metroid Prime’ was originally designed for the Wii with free flowing movement control mimiking 360 free style first person viewing. You can run this perfectly in VR with some tweaking. In fact it runs so good that it feels like it was designed from the ground up to be a VR game which was not the case at all.


Another big scene that is beginning to appear is the use of Theater mode in SteamVR.
Steam VR offers the ability to upscale non-vr games to a big screen, ‘Theatre’ mode and it is very impressive.
It is the equivalent of playing your favorite games on a giant cinema screen.


Recent experiments on the VGD Twitch channel have included Bioshock, which was nothing short of intense and also the original Halflife! Halflife runs surprisingly well and once you play it with the headset on you will not ever want to go back to playing it on a standard monitor.


We will continue to try out random games from our back catalog and will report on our favorites for you to try yourselves, Halflife live Stream snippet below.

Watch live video from videogamedreamz on www.twitch.tv

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