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Enjoy FromSoftware Dark Souls III – It’s the last one..

Here we are again, another FromSoftware installment of more of the same punishing game play for the very last time.
That’s right it’s been confirmed that Dark Souls III is the last of the Souls style games produced by one of the most respected Software Developers in the world.

They stated in an interview recently that they could have carried on producing these types of games but they wanted to focus on a new project which personally, I am in agreement with.

Yes Souls elevated FromSoftware to well deserved new heights but if they carried on going with the franchise then ideas would start to run thin and the core mechanics that made these Action RPG’s so successful could be in danger of being diluted.

Let’s look for example at a different franchise that started off critically acclaimed then the Developer churned them out as often as possible and it lost its edge. Assassins Creed…

EA started to produce as many installments of this franchise on so many different platforms that it became obvious that the games were being rushed to generate revenue to the detriment of quality and lack of QA.
Fans felt ripped off purchasing a game that did not live up to previous installments .EA realized what they had done and were in danger of losing its’ fan base.
They made sure that the next installment reinvigorated the franchise or at least lived up to the quality of previous releases and just about pulled it back from the brink. You could argue the same is happening with Call Of Duty.

This is the type of situation that FromSoftwares decision will prevent and with that decision comes respect from the gaming community.
Gamers are now waiting with baited breathe for any information on FromSoftware’s new IP.

Rumors started dropping on the internet yesterday that the software house are looking to recruit for an upcoming PlayStation VR compatible title which has got people excited.

I would say that the buzz that is being generated exceeds that of fans waiting for another installment of the Souls series and that just reiterates that From has made the right decision.

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