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Bill Bailey’s No Man’s Sky Advert is Genius

Possibly the best ever combination for an advert, No Man’s Sky & Bill Bailey!

Speaking in a recent interview he stated his reasons for getting involved with the project.

“Well the thing is, because I’m into games and gaming – I take my son to game conventions and those sorts of things – I was aware of it already. So when they approached me about it, I thought “Of course!”, because it’s such an extraordinary game, it’s almost got this ‘next generational’ thing, y’know?


Nothing like this, the scale or the ambition, has ever been attempted before, and it’s the kind of thing that I would play, that we would both play. And so for that reason, I wanted to get involved. It’s a game that will really change the whole way – or the perception of the way – these procedurally-generated games are made.” – source


Bill is a British Comedian, actor and musician who is famous for musical parodies.

[ If you have never seen Bill in action, I highly recommend checking out his DVD below ]

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