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2017 VR Relaunch for Video Game Dreamz

You may have noticed the number of posts slowly dropping over the last few months.

As always I remain passionate about all types of Games but recently I have become obsessed with Virtual Reality.

Pretty much all Games that I have played have been either using the HTC Vive or PSVR headsets. This includes Retro titles and Current Gen titles being rendered in Big Screens in VR instead of standard Desktop Gaming.
As Gaming evolves so shall we and that route is becoming increasingly clear, it is Virtual Reality.

From this Thursday VGD will be an exclusive VR Gaming Channel on Twitch, Hitbox & YouTube. It is an exciting transformation that the Games Industry is starting to go through and I want to be at the forefront of VR experiences and bring that excitement to you via our Channel.

We will still play all types of Games but only via VR technology.

Look forward to seeing you back in the Channel.


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